We are a dedicated in-house team of 15, including accountants, bookkeepers, and administrative staff, responsible for the ongoing relationship with our clients, data calculation and representing our clients in tax authority discussions.

We use advanced accounting and tax CRM software, to eliminate the risk of human errors and provide our clients with more control and transparency over their business status.

Through our in-depth understanding of tax regulations and our decades-long relationship with the tax, VAT and social security authorities, we have developed best-in-class practices to improve our clients’ operations and achieve significant savings. We understand when your business is growing and when it is in a retreat or a slowdown. We know every possible data point in the tax authorities systems so that we can provide the most accurate and tailor-made solutions to your business, in real time.

Having gained an in-depth understanding of the tax system as an income tax supervisor in the Israeli tax authority, Aharon Twig subsequently established his own private practice. In 1987 he founded Twig – Accounting and Tax Advisory, with a purpose of helping self-employed and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to manage their business effectively and profitably. His daughter, Shir Twig, a chartered accountant, joined the company several years ago.

Twig – Accounting and Tax Advisory has successfully been providing a professional, comprehensive, and personal service to exempt and licensed dealers, as well as SMBs, across all industries throughout Israel for the last three decades.